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Swimming Pool Maintenance Courses

SWI101 - Pool Codes

This course develops skills in understanding codes and regulations affecting public, semipublic, special-use, and private swimming pools and spas. Students will learn codes affecting the water supply and plumbing fixtures; sewer system and drains; depth markings; safety requirements, supervision and lifesaving equipment; disinfection and water quality; suits and towels for swimmers; cleaning pools; records of operation and supervision; supervision of personal conduct and regulations.


SWI102 - Pool Opening

Pool Opening covers activities related to draining and cleaning the pool; making floor and wall repairs where necessary; painting or acid-bathing; inspecting the chlorinator and chemical feeder; checking the valves, filters, strainers, motor and pump for proper operation; and filling the pool.


SWI103 - Pool Management

Pool management involves maintaining records and files on water testing; disease and accident prevention; pool operation problems and chemical adjustments; equipment maintenance; energy conservation; training personnel; and monitoring swimmers.


SWI104 - Pool Furniture/Equipment Maint.

This course develops skills in maintaining pool furniture from the environmental factors. Students will learn techniques of refurbishing the furniture, evaluate products that will provide protection from UV and chemical stresses, and learn safety tips. The training may extend to diving boards, slides, pool fencing, and locker room floors and furnishings. Also covered is pool equipment which includes maintenance activities on pumps and motors, filters and strainers, pressure gauges and flow meters, chemical feeders, and chlorine tanks.


SWI105 - Pool Closing

This course develops skills in closing a pool.  It covers draining the pool; blowing out lines; winterizing the components; storage of equipment; and setting up circulation for winter water, plus chemicals.


  • Safety and health of welders

  • Occupational orientation

  • Drawing and welding symbol interpretation

  • Welding mathematics

  • Welding inspection and testing principles

  • Cut and shape base metal with auxiliary equipment

  • Flame cut with oxy-fuel

  • Machine oxy-fuel gas cutting

  • Plasma arc cutting

  • Air carbon arc cutting

  • Weld base metal with shielded metal arc welding equipment (SMAW)

  • Weld base metal with gas metal arc welding equipment (GMAW)

  • Weld base metal with flux cored welding equipment (FCAW)

  • Weld base metal with gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)

Smart Home Technology Courses

SHT101 - Smart Home Technology I

This course develops skills in automating a home. The students will learn how to install and control a security, surveillance, lighting, stereo, HVAC, programmable thermostat, phone, motion detection, vehicle detection, irrigation, pool, and spa system. More importantly, they will learn how to install the devices without causing damage to the home.

SHT102 - Smart Home Technology II

This course develops skills in viewing and/or controlling automated devices in a home via the internet.  The students will learn about interface options and software application necessary to monitor the devices remotely from any computer that has an internet connection, or from any Smartphone/PDA.   


SHT103 - Designing Home Theater Systems

This course develops skills in establishing a home theater system. Students will learn details about video applications, audio systems, lighting plans, and seating arrangements.  Also, students will learn specifications of AV receivers, speakers, speaker arrangements and mounting plans, subwoofers, music enhancers, Blu-ray disc players, etc.  Understanding specifications will allow students to design and obtain a system pursuant to a budget. 


SHT104 - Computer Hardware Applications

This course develops skills in understanding the function of computer hardware; e.g.: motherboard, hard drive, floppy drive, power supply, monitor, video display controller, removable media devices, memory, sound card, networking devices, and other peripherals.   Students will also learn about hardware options for smart home technology applications.


SHT105 - Computer Software Applications

This course develops skills in utilizing computer software. Students will learn how to prepare various type documents by utilizing a word processor and/or electronic spreadsheet.  Moreover, the students will gain exposure to utilizing the internet.  They will also learn computer terminology, other software applications, and more.

Materials & Distribution Operations

  • Materials handling and manufacturing

  • Inventory control

  • Planning

  • Manufacturing control

  • Operations management

Indianapolis, IN. The Indianapolis-based HIM By HER Foundation, Inc. (HBHF) recently announced the impending closure of its HIM By HER™ Collegiate School for the Arts (“HBHCSA”) charter school, with the last day of academic instruction on January 20, 2023. While the enrollment of the Kindergarten through Sixth grade school quadrupled since first opening in the Fall of 2020 during the global COVID-19 health and economic crisis, enrollment did not reach an adequate number to operate and maintain the 200,000 square-foot building it leases.

HIM By HER is now pleased to announce that all students have been placed with other schools. It is also pleased to announce that all HIM By HER employees have now received or accepted job offers with either comparable or better compensation. HIM By HER worked diligently with area schools and Enroll Indy to ensure that all students were successfully and smoothly placed.


While the School continues winding up activities, it wishes to express profound gratitude for all the families that supported HBHF, all the dedicated employees who helped make HBHCSA a unique school as part of a larger community development center, all the many strategic partners that helped HBHF to carry out its mission, and the public at large in supporting our efforts to begin to interrupt the Schoolto-Prison Pipeline.


Despite the school closure, HIM By HER has a long list of triumphs in the Indianapolis area through its community development center activities. These include operating its Enterprise Village™ to teach finance, civics, and entrepreneurship to program participants, both at a permanent location, and as a mobile unit to transport and set up the Enterprise Village™ at satellite locations on demand. HIM By HER has developed strategic alliances with many governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote education, crime prevention, wellness, and economic advancement. These partnerships have included: IMPD; Marion County Health Department; MCPO; Marion County Sheriff’s Office; BMO Harris Bank; Eskenazi Health; Group 1001; Christ Church Cathedral; and many others. HIM By HER has also been fortunate to have the support of high-profile athletes and sporting teams throughout its existence, including the Indianapolis Colts, former Indianapolis Colts greats Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis, and former world heavyweight boxing champion Lamon Brewster (and his anger management program), to name a few.


Recognizing the crime-reduction impact of HIM By HER’s activities on the surrounding community, HBHCSA as a school was awarded the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO) 2022 Crime Fighter of the Year Award on August 22, 2022.

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