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Membership Policy
Terms & Conditions 

HBH Membership

This document contains an application for membership in the HBH Club of HIM By HER
Foundation, Inc. HIM By HER is a non-profit corporation with Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status,
which also includes a non-profit charitable school corporation. It also contains the Membership Rules.
Benefits of HBH Membership. HBH Membership entitles a member to a number of benefits,
including: attending events held at HBH facilities that are open only to HBH Members and guests
(including family members); consumption of meals and beverages at HBH facilities available only to HBH
Members; rental of space at HBH facilities for members’ private events and purchasing of food, beverages
and catering for those events; newsletters and other communications about HBH events and many topics
of interest, including charity; early communications about events and activities ahead of dissemination of
such communications to the general public.

Requirements for Membership. Members must be at least 18 years old, must complete, sign (e-
signatures may be used for online submissions) and submit the Application form; must pay the applicable

membership fee, unless waived; must agree to abide by the Member Rules in effect, and to subsequently
adopted Member Rules; and must have the Application approved by HBH.

All HBH Members agree to abide by the following rules and those subsequently adopted. Failure
to follow Membership Rules may result in sanctions against the Member up to and including termination
of membership. A terminated member shall not be entitled to a refund of any membership fee paid.
Facility Access. Members shall have access to the HBH Club facilities during designated events or posted
dates and times. Members may with separate contract, rent portions of the HBH Club facilities for
permissible events, subject to the conditions of those contracts.

Dress Code. The HBH Club reserves the right to adopt dress codes from time to time that to which
Members and guests must adhere. Members and guests shall address appropriately for activities and
events in the HBH facilities and reflect common decency. When events are identified as “formal” or
“semi-formal” participating Members and guests shall appropriately conform their dress.

Basic Conduct. Members and guests shall engage in lawful, non-nuisance activities while in the HBH
Club facilities, shall respect the rights, tranquility and safety of others, shall not engage in negligent or
willful conduct leading to bodily, emotional or property harm to others or the HBH Club. Members and
guests shall within the HBH Club facilities, observe all existing federal, state and local guidelines for the
prevention and spread of the COVID-19/Corona Virus and other public health communicable diseases in
and around the Club facilities. Member will, while conducting related activities leading up to events at

the HBH Club, and during said events and activities, shall adhere to all federal, state and local anti-
discrimination laws, and shall keep its operations free of any hostile environment, including but not limited

to hostile environments from sexual harassment, racial harassment, national origin harassment, disability
harassment and others.

Prohibited Conduct. Members and guests shall not engage in the following conduct either in the HBH
Club facilities or at HBH sanctioned events, or in dealing with others in connection with HBH Club events:
activities on the HBH Club premises that are illegal (including failure to zoning, licensing, occupancy or
age-restriction requirements); activities which pose an unacceptable or undefinable risk of loss to persons
or property due to safety or security concerns; activities at special events that are inappropriate for the
stated or assumed age group; activities that include “adult” entertainment; activities that damage the
reputation of the HBH Club or its Members or guests; activities involving or either explicitly or implicitly
encouraging the use of illicit substances or underage alcohol consumption; defamatory communication
(including electronic and social media) about events, the HBH Club, its Members or guests, or that
otherwise unfairly damage the reputation of the HBH Club, its Members and guests, and affiliated entities;
and may lead to damage to the reputation of the Landlord and others; violent activities; activities involving
unauthorized use of the HBH Club’s intellectual property; and any other activities, whether expressed or
not, where the HBH Club assesses that the activities are not in the best interest of itself or the community
at large. Unless designated as security or law enforcement personnel, or granted permission by HBH,
HBH Club, Members and guests shall not possess firearms or deadly weapons in HBH Club facilities or
at HBH Club events.

Limitations and Assumption of Risk. Members and guests are solely responsible for their personal
property, and HBH Club shall not be responsible for any damage or theft of for Members’ and guests’
personal property. HBH Club shall not be liable to Members and guest for injury or damages caused by
other Members, guests or third parties, and shall only be liable for personal injury to Members and guests
in the case of proven gross negligence or malfeasance on the part of HBH Club or its agents. Damages
shall be limited to direct damages, and shall not include consequential and inconsequential damages.

HBH Club Membership Rules – 2-10-2024

Sale of Alcoholic Beverages to Non-Members. Alcoholic beverages shall only be provided to or sold to
Members (and NOT non-members), except visiting members and members of an organization affiliated
the HBH Club or an auxiliary of the HBH Club. However, a non-member may purchase his/her own
alcoholic beverages during an approved guest day, which according to law shall not exceed 7 days out of
each month.

Catering. Catering for events at the HBH facilities shall be for the benefit of Members only, unless the
event is during one of the aforementioned guest days.
Guest Days. The HBH Club may have up to seven (7) days per month as a guest day. During this
authorized guest day, alcoholic beverages may be purchased by guests of the club as well as members to
allow the HBH Club to recruit new membership and show the benefits of club membership to interested
citizens. To hold a guest day the HBH Club must contact the Indiana Excise Police office, which has
jurisdiction and request permission to hold a guest day. An authorized guest day may be requested on any
day of the year. An Excise Officer will then mail, fax or HB a club card listing the date requested. This
card must be posted conspicuously on the premises during the day designated as Guest Day. Since the
cards are sometimes sent second class mail, this request needs to be made at least ten (10) days in advance.
Guest Days may not be held unless the card is posted at the premises.

Guest Book, Etc. This is a practice that allows for registration of non-member guests. The HBH Club
shall maintain a sign-in book and members are permitted to sign-in a non-member guest. The guest book
should include the date, name of guest and signature of host member at the very least. The purposes of the
guest book are to allow friends and family access to the club facility and to monitor the purchase of
alcoholic beverages by members for guests. The guest-member ratio is suggested by the Indiana Alcohol
& Tobacco Commission to be kept at near a one-to-one ratio. HBH Club shall keep a guest book in
accordance with I.C. § 7.1-3-20-8.6. The guest book policy does not allow the purchase of alcoholic
beverages by non-members. Only an approved guest day authority allows for non-members to purchase
alcoholic beverages.

Non-members may enter, loiter, and eat in the club facility without any sanctions. In addition, a
non-member may pay for food or non-alcoholic drinks they wish to purchase.
Times When Alcohol Sales Lawful. HBH Club may sell and serve alcoholic beverages Monday through
Sunday, from 7:00 am, local time, to 3:00 am, local time the following morning. The Club has thirty (30)
minutes to clear the bar service after legal service hours. At 3:30 am, Monday thru Sunday, all alcoholic
beverage consumption shall have ceased and all alcoholic beverage containers cleared away from areas of
consumption. The Club may be open for all other activities during the hours at which the club chooses to

Renting Rooms. The HBH Club may not lease or rent its bar facilities to an outside organization or
persons. Non-members or members who rent a room other than the bar area may bring alcoholic beverages
which have been purchased from someone other than the club into that room. A violation would occur if
the HBH Club sold alcoholic beverages to a non-member who rented a room in the club’s facilities. The

Club may prepare food and provide services other than those related to alcoholic beverages to non-
members. A club member may rent a room or rooms for special occasions and the club may furnish the

alcoholic beverages. The Member must pay for all alcoholic beverages either prior to or immediately
after the event has concluded. There can be no cash bar for non-members unless a guest day authority has
been obtained. HBH Club may use an agent for the function of renting spaces out for events, collecting
fees, and compliance, currently including Reclaiming You, Life Coaching LLC, or others.

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