FAQ in the city


Enterprise City is a hands-on applied math, language arts, social studies, civics and financial literacy program.


Q. Who sets up the city?


A.  Enterprise City staff set up and prepare the city whether at your school, a local venue or at a center.  You don’t need to do anything except have your student forms ready for the beginning of the day.


Q. Who runs the “day” in the city?


A.  Enterprise City staff oversee the schedule and tempo of the day in the city, working with the parent volunteers located in each business.


Q. How long does the day in the city run for?


A. Whether located at your school, local venue or a fixed-center location, a typical day runs for 4.5 hours.



Q. What time does the program start?


A. The city runs in accordance with your school day. The starting time is somewhat flexible depending on your schedule – remembering that you will typically need to allow 4.5 hours if possible, for the entire experience.

Q. Do we need chaperones?

A. Yes, although we don’t call them chaperones.  Each business will need a Parent Volunteer who will assist in the business for the day the city runs assisting the students working in it. Parents are ideally suited to this role of mentors, as they are Employees, Consumers and Citizens, themselves.


Q. As a instructor, what do I do in the city?

A. Your role is primarily as an observer.  You get to watch your students in action as they run their businesses, become consumers after they get their paychecks, and take on their responsibilities as citizens in their community. They are going to impress you so much.

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